Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Game of School

If you've ever sat in class daydreaming of being anywhere else, then you may be able to relate to Fried's book. If you have ever done an assignment just to get the grade, or if you, as a teacher, have ever taught a lesson only because the material needed to be covered for a test, then you have played “the Game of School”.

This book could leave you wondering just how authentic your own education really was. He contends that students from kindergarten through graduate school are often playing “the Game” of getting by and complying with the system and not really engaged in learning. The problem with this type of system is that it stifles creativity and the opportunity for impromptu discussion. However, this book does not point fingers but rather calls attention to the situation encouraging those who recognize the problems with the current system and inspires them to make changes that allow for more authentic learning and teaching.

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Nathan's Native American Button Blanket

Nathan's Native American Button Blanket
Eagle patterned button blanket designed for beauty and warmth. To see more pictures of how he made this click on the picture above.

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