Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reason #38 - Why We Homeschool: Teachers' Strikes

One reason that we choose to homeschool our two boys is to avoid teachers' strikes, such as the one taking place in Washington State. Why let others dictate when and where your child can learn?

I have an issue with striking teachers in general. I understand the need for negotiations to obtain good working conditions, pay, and benefits. It is when they allow their need for control to interfere with the education of children. Tacoma teachers in Washington are now striking despite a court order calling for them to return to work. There was even one teacher interviewed who said that he is doing this to "model to our students what correct behavior looks like..." Hmmm, sounds hypocritical to me but what do I know, I homeschool my children!

Here's the audio if you want to hear it for yourself.
More audio at

If that's not enough to get your blood boiling, just take a peek at this short video of a child being told that he won't be going to school because of the teacher's strike. Poor little guy!

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Debate blog - Julio said...

I think home schooling but also serves should have alternative methods and the use of technology I think you can think of something to which students are not left adrift in the bureaucracy or political issues.
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