Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday School Fun

Nathan just finished participating in First Class Homsechool Co-op for the very first time. He enjoyed it much more than he first thought he would. He participated in a digital photography class, a nutritional cooking class, and a fitness walking class. Surprisingly, his favorite class was the walking class. His teacher was great and motivated the kids along with a few parents. On the last day of school I visited as many of the classrooms as possible and took some pictures of the 300+ students who are involved in this fantastic program.

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Debate blog - Julio said...

We see from the photos you shared here was a great event.

Nathan's Native American Button Blanket

Nathan's Native American Button Blanket
Eagle patterned button blanket designed for beauty and warmth. To see more pictures of how he made this click on the picture above.

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